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125RM mounted on the front of a trailer

Ezyloader - Easy Lifting

The patented Ezyloader load lifting system is specifically designed for beekeeping. 


With all the lifting involved in beekeeping the Ezyloader makes lifting easy which helps prevent back injuries and cuts the cost of hiring help!

Ezyloaders are available in different models and sizes so you can choose one that works best for your size and style of beekeeping operation.

bees working in a hive

Package Bees - Early Hive Expansion

We have over 30 years of experience with importing packages bees and delivering them to beekeepers all across Canada.

As third generation beekeepers we understand the importance of building up hive numbers early in the season whether for pollinating crops or honey production.


Importing package bees is an affordable way to build up hive numbers quickly when you need them most!

breeder Queen from Arataki Honey Ltd, Rotorua, NZ

Queen Bees - Healthy Bee Hives​

Genetics of queen bees make a big impact on your bee operation and we are so pleased to be able to offer quality mated queen bees from around the world!

Choose the queen type from the options below that best meets your beekeeping needs:

   * Carnolian Queens - from New Zealand

   * Carnolian Hybrid Queens - from Chile

...because bees matter!

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