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Bee Matter - Hiving Packaged Bees
Hiving Arataki Tube Packages
The Arataki Tube Package is an extremely easy package to use when hiving bees which simply adds to the advantages it offers for environmental control of the bees during transporting.
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Arataki Honey Rotorua has been a market leader and has through innovation, successfully exported package bees and queens to Canada every year since 1985!  The first shipments were in conventional wooden containers, but in 1987, Russell Berry saw the need for a better system.  He developed the innovative Arataki tube package, which immediately proved to be successful.  With some minor evolutionary improvements, they have been used ever since.
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We find the Arataki Tube Packaging very easy to work with and an easy learning curve for those new to working with packaged bees. We believe other beekeepers will find they are a superior package system, indeed, many beekeepers have already told us this is true!


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