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Are Ezyloaders manufactured
in Canada?


No. Ezyloaders are manufactured for the North American market in Australia and are imported and distributed throughout Canada and the USA by BHF Sales Ltd. which is based in Manitoba, Canada. 


The Ezyloader manufacturing business is located in Ballina, Australia and was acquired by M & K Stafford Engineering Pty 2008. Their website is 


Do you price Ezyloaders
in our currency?


Definitely. If you are located in Canada we will convert from Australian dollars to Canadian dollars when we quote a delivered price. If you are located in the USA we will convert from Australian dollars to U.S. currency to quote a delivered price.

In both instances a quote will be approximate as currencies fluctuate on a regular basis as well as freight costs fluctuate from one shipment to the next. Customs clearance is extra. The actual price will be established on the day your payment is made.


*Note:  Currently, the US dollar vs. the AU dollar is very favorable to make a purchase!


Is the name
Ezyloader or Easyloader?


The name was originally Easyloader, but was changed to Ezyloader years ago. Some older machines may still have the name Easyloader printed on them. Older Easyloaders can now be returned to Australia for refurbishing and updating to today's standards. Contact M & K Stafford for information at


At the same time that the spelling of the loader name changed, a colour change to the loaders were made from all white to blue and yellow.The present day Ezyloaders have significantly updated electronics along with many other improvements from the original "Easyloader" and the most recent Ezyloader models are blue and white.


Which Ezyloader Models
are suited to Beekeeping?


While Ezyloader Australia manufactures a number of Ezyloader models, Models 125 MH, 200 MH and the 300 MH are most suitable for beekeeping. The detailed lifting capacities and reach are included on the manufacturer's website at 

I call but no one answers!


We appreciate all contacts! We are beekeepers as well so we are not always in the office during regular office hours especially during the summer. We do check all messages regularly so please leave us a voice message when you call with your call back information and we'll get back to you asap. 


We check all written messages regularly and respond to the Let's Chat feature on the website, submission forms and e-mails as soon as we can.

Why do we need your IRS or
employer identification number
when shipping an item to the USA?


This number is a requirement to fill in customs papers to enable the shipment.  Customs will not clear the shipment if this is not included.

Bee on a Daisy
Bee on Canola
Bees at Work
Ezyloader at work

If you don't see your question answered here call us toll free at



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